Social Skills WebQuest

A WebQuest for Elementary Children

and children needing additional social support

Designed by Tania Larson Kraus


Introduction: You are now SODAS, the social "dog."  You will learn how to be the best social "dog" you can be.  When you are the best social dog, you will have friends who will want to "hang out" with you. "Bow Wow...Wow...Wow..."



The Task: 

1.  You will read social stories, using Mayer Johnson Boardmaker symbols, about ways to be a friendly, social "dog."

2.  You will read about following directions at school and the importance of it, using Mayer Johnson Boardmaker symbols.

3.  You will read about using good manners in social situations, using Mayer Johnson Boardmaker symbols.

4.  You will act out social situations following the Boys and Girls Town "SODAS" model.

5.  You will play "SODAS, the Social Skills Challenge."

6.  You will view the slide show, "Social Stories in Photos."


The Process:  How to be a good social "dog":

1.  Choose 3 social skills stories from "Be a Good Friend" to print and read.

2.  Choose 3 social skills stories from "Follow School Rules" to print and read.

3.  Choose 3 social skills stories from "Use Good Manners" to print and read.

4.  With a partner, choose situations from "Social Situations Theater" to act out using good social skills.

5.  Play "SODAS, the Social Skills Challenge" and record the number of correct/incorrect responses you received.

6.   Go to "Social Stories in Photos" and view the slide show. 


Evaluation:  You will be evaluated daily on your ability to be as social as "SODAS, the Social Dog."  Try this self evaluation to see if you are a social "dog."

Social Skills Yes Most of the Time No
1.  I use kind words to talk with my friends.      
2.  I share with my friends.      
3.  I help my friends.      
4.  I play nicely with my friends.      
5.  I follow the teacher's directions.      
6.  I raise my hand to talk.      
7.  I practice safe habits.      
8.  I listen quietly when others talk.      
9.  I wait my turn.      
10. I say, "Please," "Thank you," "You're welcome," etc.      
If you answered "yes" or "most of the time" to all of these questions, consider yourself a top "social dog!" 

Bow Wow...Wow...Wow...

Total Yes Total Most of the Time Total No



Conclusion: This WebQuest was designed to teach you the best ways to behave so you can be friends with all the other social "dogs!"  SODAS is based on the Boys and Town Social Skills and is the acronym for Situation-Options-Disadvantages-Advantages-Solution.  Listed below are books that you can check out of your local or school library to continue your studies on how to socially be a top "dog."


Books on Friendship:

The Kid Next Door by Janice Lee Smith

Addie Meets Max by Joan Robins

Addie's Bad Day by Joan Robins

Arthur's Great Big Valentine by Lilian Hoban

A Bargain for Frances by Russell Hoban

The Friendship of Milly and Tug by Curtis Dian Regan

Frog and Toad books by Arnold Lobel

The Gator Girls by Stephanie Calmenson

A Know Nothing Birthday by Michele Spirn

Lionel and His Friends by Stephen Krensky

Pa Lia's First Day by Michelle Edwards

Books on Manners:

Let's Talk About Good Manners by Diane Shaughnessy

Manners by Aliki

Soup Should be Seen, Not Heard:  The Kid's Etiquette Book by Beth Brainard

Books of Following Rules:

Junie B. Jones Smells Something Fishy by Barbara Park

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