Social Situations Theater

Choose a card.  Read, or have someone help you read, the social situation.  Think about the Boys and Girls Town social skills model below:

                  Situation:  What is the problem?

                  Options:  What are your choices?

                  Disadvantages:  What might not be good about your choice?

                  Advantages:  What might be good about your choice?

                  Solution:  Choose the best option.


Act out how you would solve the situation.  Discuss your actions with the group.

School Friendship Manners Safety Problem Solving
Someone in your class teased you because you got so many wrong on your spelling test. Your friend didn't let you have your turn on the swing.  A classmate brought treats for everyone because it was his birthday.  he gave you a treat. Some boys were pushing you off the snow hill during recess. A girl in class teased you about your clothes.
Your friends were finished with their work, but you hadn't finished your work.  They were playing a game. You noticed the new girl in class didn't have anyone to play with during recess. Your teacher was talking to another teacher.  You needed to ask permission to use the restroom. You waited a long time, but your mom didn't come to pick you up after school. On the playground, a boy kept chasing you.  You didn't like it.
The teacher asked you a question in class, but you didn't know the answer. Your friend got a new haircut.  You really liked it. You finished eating and felt a burp coming. A bully threatened to beat you up after school. It was recess time and you needed to put on your boots.  You had a knot in your shoelace.
Your desk was very messy.  It was time to go and your classmates were waiting to be dismissed. You and a friend were playing a game.  Another classmate asked to join your game. You were waiting to swing.  When it was your turn, another boy jumped in front of you and took the swing. A boy on the playground kept pushing you.  You were boiling mad. An older boy on the playground started yelling at you because you got in the way of the kickball game.
You were running in the hallway.  A teacher from another grade told you to walk. Some kids at recess were playing kickball.  You wanted to join the game. You needed to cough.


You were in school and your nose needed to be cleaned out. In PE class, you were at stations.  When it was time to move, you didn't know at which station you should be.
Your schedule changed.  You will have an assembly instead of your favorite art class. You were playing tetherball and were the champion so far.  In the next game, you slightly touched the rope.  Only one student saw you touch the rope. You were working with a group of students and you accidentally passed gas.  At recess, a boy started kicking you. Your zipper in your coat was stuck.  Act out how you would solve this problem.
You didn't do your homework.  Your teacher was upset with you because you didn't accept responsibility. Your friend was shooting baskets in PE class and missed every shot. You hadn't felt well all morning.  After lunch, you felt like you might throw up. You were in the art room when the tornado siren sounded. When you lined up at recess, the person behind you kept pushing you.
You finished your work early. You were playing four square at recess.  You loved that game.  You missed the ball. You had a runny nose. An adult you didn't know came on to the playground and asked if you would help look for his lost dog. You were in a hurry and accidentally ran into a friend from class.
Your teacher was working at her desk.  You wanted to ask her a question, but she didn't see your hand raised. In the lunch room, your friend dropped his tray and his food went all over the floor. Your teacher was talking to the class in front of the room.  You wanted to ask to use the restroom. Your playground ball rolled across the street. The person sitting in the desk behind you kept tapping your chair with his foot.  It was bothering you.
You were working on a test and the bell rang.  You were not done. The teacher was giving directions, but your friend witting next to you kept talking.  You couldn't hear the directions. You accidentally burped at the lunch table.  Everyone around you started laughing. You were sitting in class doing your work.  All of a sudden you heard the fire alarm. While you were walking in the hall, a girl tripped you and started laughing.
You started to do your work, but you weren't sure if you were doing it right. Some students in class were telling lies about your friend. You were almost ready to sneeze. Someone's dog came onto the playground and started to sniff your shoe. You forgot your lunch at home.

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