Exceptional Children Scavenger Hunt

Integration Specialist - Tania Larson Kraus

1.  Go to USD Center for Disabilities.  Click on the download for the Developmental Disabilities Handbook.  (This will take a minute or two.)  Read about the various disabilities. Which disability peaked your interest the most?  _____________________________________

2.  In School Counselor Resources, go to PBS Arthor's Games and select the feelings game, "About Face."  Play the game.  What did you like about this game?  ____________________________________________________________

3.  In American Sign Language Browser, find and view five signs that you could use with children in your classroom.  What signs did you choose?  _______________, _______________, _______________, _______________, _______________

4.  Go to USD Center for Disabilities and download the Autism Spectrum Disorders Handbook.  (This will take a minute or two.) Read about three points of interest.  What three things did you learn?




5.  Go to Whole Schooling Consortium and view one of the video clips.  Go to I'mTyler - Ability Awareness video.  What feeling did you come away with from watching these videos? ____________________________________________________________

6.  Go to Kinder Site and view three stories at the level of the students you serve.  What stories did you view?  ____________________, ____________________, _________________ 

7.  Go to ABC Teach and try out three activities.  Which ones did you try?  ______________, ______________, ______________

8.  Find the Sesame Street website.  Select "games" and your favorite Sesame Street character.  Choose one of the games to play with your Sesame Street character.  Which character and game did you try?  ___________________________________

9.  Go to Starfall's Learn to Read. Choose one of the stories to read.  Then choose an activity to go along with the story.  What did you like about this website? ____________________________________________________________

10.  Go to National Grid for Learning and view the numbers video.  Why do you think kids would like it?  ______________ ____________________________________________________________

11.  Go to Barney and Friends.  Try out two of the activities available on this website.  Which two did you try?  __________________________, _____________________________,

12.  Go to the Fisher Price website.  Choose a level you think would match that of your students.  Play one of the games.  How would you rate your game?  Excellent-Good-Fair-Poor

13.  Choose two games to play in PBS Kids.  Which games did you play?  ____________________, _____________________

14.  At Billy Bear's Playground, try out two or more different activities.  Which activities did you find that would be appropriate for the level of children you serve?  ____________________________, ____________________________

15.  Go to Dr. Seuss' Seussville.  Select two or more of the games to play.  Which game would fit the level of child you serve?  _____________________

16.  Check out two different activity sites at Surfing the Net with Kids.  Which of these activities would be purposeful for the children you serve?  _________________, _________________,

17.  Explore several different activities in Jay Zee Bear's Forest.  Which one did you find most fitting for the children with whom you work?  __________________________________

18.  Choose three activities to do at Literacy Center and decide which activity would fit best with the children you serve.  What activity did you select?  ___________________________

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