Smart Board and Interactive Sites

for Young Learners

(Interactive computer activities don’t necessarily need Smart Board)

 Integration Specialist - Tania Kraus


·        The Story of 1

·        Counting to 20

·        Big and Small

·        Building Blocks (matching patterns)

·        BBC - Little Animals Activity Centre (variety)

·        Story Circle (stories read aloud, rhymes, etc.)

·        Catch the Numbers (game of catching multiples)

·        Ladybird (variety)

·        Nursery Rhymes (simple games to reveal nursery rhyme)

·        Find One Missing Number (you choose how many problems)

·        Fun with Spot (simple games plus short video clips)

·        Milkshake! (variety of games-time, matching, etc.)

·        Down on the Farm (counting to 5)

·        Bob the Builder Website (click on characters to animate)

·        Counting Using Money (European…P=penny)


·        Early Childhood (all good…explore further to note special areas)


o       ABC Teach (GREAT printable alphabet flashcards)

o       Dr. Seuss's Seussville! (variety of games-concentration, matching, navigating using arrow keys)

o       Fisher Price Online Learning (infant, toddler, preschool games)

o       Jigsaw Puzzles

o       Kidz Club (GREAT printable alphabet activities) (GREAT reading activities!) (spelling) (situational problem solving activity, feelings activity, and a variety of games with Arthur characters)  (variety of activities from different websites:  games, songs, and stories, all categorized by age level) (Tons of links to sites categorized by subjects:  language arts, reading, math, science, and social studies – all grade levels) (Play over 100 Pre-K games, hear your favorite theme songs, read interactive stories from Sesame Street) (Tons of links to sites with activities, games and arcade games (extensive download times for arcade games) featuring Disney, Clifford, Winnie the Pooh, Arthur, Elmo, Ernie, Harry Potter, more) (GREAT interactive site to learn shapes, numbers, colors, words, writing, and keyboarding)  (Games, music, and coloring with Curious George, Berenstein Bears, Clifford, etc.) (primary activities on capital letters)  (action words-movement of words on the screen show their action) (upper primary activities on sentence types)  (Pre-K and older literacy, science and math acitivities) (K-5 acitivites for working with beginning and ending sounds and rhyming words) (many K-3 language arts and math activities)


· (interactive puzzles)

· (interactive tic-tac-toe)

· (classic games)

· (snakes and ladders)


· (puzzles, paper dolls, interactive books, etc.)


· (slider puzzle)